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Jug Bay Award

In 1996, the Friends initiated a conservation award to recognize an individual whose active involvement in the Jug Bay region has contributed to a better understanding and appreciation of this unique wetland ecosystem. The award is presented at the annual meeting in March.

2013 — Chris Swarth

As the second director of the Sanctuary from 1989 to 2012, Chris oversaw a nine-fold increase in the size of the sanctuary, developed a large research program with the aid of a dedicated corps of volunteers and published much of that research, putting the sanctuary prominently on the “scientific map.” His vision and energy contributed to these successes and many more, leaving a rich legacy for the state of Maryland.

Chris Swarth

Chris Swarth accepting
the Jug Bay Award

2012 — Greg Lewis

is long-time manager at Patuxent River Park. He has played an instrumental role in making Jug Bay a national asset by vastly expanding the protected areas, securing preservation as part of CBNERR, and helping develop the Patuxent Water Trail. Greg has brought alive the socio-cultural history of the land and the river by incorporating within the park two historic mansions and an archaeological park, and adding a blacksmith shop, a 1923 Sears catalog house, a tobacco farming museum and a “Working the River” building. His broad impact on Jug Bay and the Patuxent River truly represents the spirit of the Jug Bay award.

Greg Lewis

Greg Kewis holding the Jug Bay Award

2011 — Walter Boynton

is a Professor at the University of Maryland Center for Environmental Science. He has served on the faculty of the Center’s Chesapeake Biological Laboratory in Solomons since 1975. As an estuarine ecologist, Dr. Boynton has conducted research for 34 years in the Chesapeake Bay region and other coastal environments of the United States as well as internationally. Dr. Boynton has been active in developing large-scale reviews of estuarine processes that are of particular value to environmental managers. He had led long-term studies of the Chesapeake Bay funded by the National Science Foundation, is President of the Coastal and Estuarine Research Federation, and a member of the Patuxent River Commission. He currently chairs the Chesapeake Bay Program’s Tidewater Monitoring and Analysis Workgroup.

Walter Boynton

Dr. Walter Boynton

2010 — Mike Quinlan

became a volunteer at the Sanctuary beginning in 1995. Since then, he has participated in nearly every type of activity at JBWS and assisted with almost all research studies: Songbird population study, Marbled Salamander migration, Box Turtle population and home range, “Great Herp Search” and the “BioBlitzes.” Mike also served from 1999 to 2009 on the FOJB Board, including eight years as Treasurer. His thorough knowledge about natural history and his enthusiastic, organized approach have made him a natural teacher to both children and adults seeking outdoor adventures.

Mike Quinlan

Mike Quinlan (left) processing box turtles at Jug Bay with Sandy Teliak

2009 — Bill Steiner

He became a volunteer at the Sanctuary beginning in 1996. He was involved in many facets of the Sanctuary’s operation from leading cleanup efforts, helping with construction and maintenance projects to leading canoe trips. Bill served as the President of FOJB from 2002 to 2004, and played a critical role in the integration of the Glendening Nature Preserve into the Sanctuary.

Bill Steiner and Family

Bill Steiner (fourth from left), with his family — (left to right) Brad McLane, Amy McLane, Bette-Lynn Steiner, Linda Steiner,
and Mike Ripley

2008 — Janet Owens

She is former County Executive of Anne Arundel County, Maryland. While in office and even after, she worked tirelessly for policies that were environmentally sound and beneficial to the future of the Sanctuary and the Patuxent River.

Janet Owens

Janet Owens speaking at Jug Bay Wetlands Sanctuary

2007 — Fred Tutman

is the Patuxent Riverkeeper. He is the guardian of the future for the precious resource that is the Patuxent River. From his great-grandfather's farm in Prince George’s County, Tutman manages a movement that is long overdue. One person with one mission—to be a river spokesman.

Fred Tutman

Fred Tutman accepting
the Jug Bay Award


2006 — Doug Kuzmiak

was President of the Friends of Jug Bay from 1996-2002. He won the State of Maryland Governor’s Award for Volunteerism and Service in 2002 after leading a drive that raised $50,000 for the interactive wetlands exhibit in the Sanctuary’s McCann Wetlands Study Center. He also secured funding for three interns for three years through a competitive grant from the Raush Foundation. Doug was instrumental in the land purchase of the Parris N. Glendening preserve, a major addition to the Sanctuary holdings.

Doug Kuzmiak

Doug Kuzmiak (right) and Bill Steiner

2005 — Mary Kilbourne

is a long-time education naturalist at Patuxent River Park and member of the Patuxent River Commission. Her work included educating students as well as teachers about the value of wetlands and watersheds. For many years, Mary volunteered her time to work with Sanctuary staff on goose and marsh ecology programs for students. With her Bay Savers group, she stopped an Exxon station from being built right on the shores of the Patuxent’s Western Branch, started a wetlands mitigation project within sight of our Wetlands Center, and more.

Mary Kilbourne

Mary Kilbourne at Jug Bay Wetlands Sanctuary

2003 — Carol Thompson

(formerly Carol Towle)
is a former Manager of the Chesapeake Bay National Estuarine Research Reserve (CBNERR) in Maryland and currently Coordinator of the Maryland Green School Awards. As Manager of CBNERR, she helped move many vital projects forward which benefited the Sanctuary. She also established public education programs on the value of planting submerged aquatic vegetation.

Carol Thompson

Bill Steiner awarding Carol Thompson the Jug Bay Award

2002 — John “Bud” Taylor

is a renowned wildlife artist, author and conservationist. He has inspired many to care about the future of the Chesapeake and its wildlife.

Bud Taylor

Bud Taylor unveils his oil painting of the marsh at Jug Bay; he painted it in honor of the
20th anniversary of
Jug Bay Wetlands Sanctuary

2001 — Danny Bystrak

is a wildlife biologist with the USGS Bird Banding Lab at the Patuxent Wildlife Research Center in Laurel, Maryland. He has been intimately involved with the Sanctuary bird netting study for many years, and his enthusiasm and knowledge about birds is inspirational to many Sanctuary visitors, students and volunteers.

Danny Bystrak

Danny Bystrak holding
a female northern cardinal

2000 — David Linthicum

is a U.S. Government cartographer and environmental activist. He made great contributions to the knowledge and presentation of the regions’ natural world. He spent countless hours mapping the Sanctuary and in creating the detailed “Mid-Patuxent Estuarine Ecosystem Map.” .

David Linthicum

Dave Linthicum at the Sanctuary's Wetlands Center

1999 — C. Bernard Fowler

is a former Maryland State Senator and County Commissioner from Calvert County, Maryland. Dr. Fowler worked tirelessly as an advocate to clean up the Patuxent River.

C. Bernard Fowler

Former Senator Fowler addressing an audience at
Jug Bay Wetlands Sanctuary

1998 — Greg Kearns

is a naturalist at Patuxent River Park on Jug Bay and a nationally renowned expert on the Sora Rail. Through his teaching and research he introduced thousands of people to the fascinating lives of marsh plants and animals.

Greg Kearns

Greg Kearns (center) accepting award as the Maryland DNR Conservationist of the Year
in 2006

1997 — Dennis Whigham

is an internationally recognized wetlands scientist associated with the Smithsonian Environment Research Center in Edgewater, Maryland. He dedicated many years to making the Sanctuary and FOJB a success through his scientific guidance, advice, and teaching.

Dennis Whigham

Dennis Whigham at
Jug Bay Wetlands Sanctuary

1996 — Virginia Clagett

is a former Anne Arundel County (Maryland) Council member and current Maryland State House delegate. She was instrumental in establishing Jug Bay Wetlands Sanctuary and saving this site from development.

Virginia Clagett

Representative Clagett addressing an audience at Jug Bay Wetlands Sanctuary; Janet Owens is seated on the bench


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